Lower Your Taxes – Big Time!

Do you know how to turn a vacation into a tax-deductible write-off?  Or what the dividing lines are to keep your business from being declared a hobby (eliminate your business tax deductions)?  Always wanting to pay only my fair share and not a penny more, I’ve been learning these tax strategies and more over the years.  I was delighted when one of my mastermind team members recommended this book:  Lower Your Taxes – Big Time!

Not only does it have those tax reduction secrets and more, but the book is updated each year.  There is also a complete section for tax strategies outside of business.  The book discusses how to use tax planning to

  • make college less expensive
  • reduce taxes on investments
  • maximize deductions for your home.

It was written by an IRS insider and confirms the tax strategies I’ve been learning over the years – updated for current laws!
Click the picture below to order your copy now.


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