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I was listening to a recorded interview this morning with Mark Satterfield, founder of Gentle Rain Marketing.  Marketing has fascinated me for a lot of years. While I’m well aware of the difference between sales and marketing, I find most people don’t distinguish between the two.

Mark summed up most consultants marketing dilemma quite nicely: “They associate marketing with sales, and associate sales with selling used cars.  So they say to themselves, ‘I don’t want to have anything to do with that.’”

But marketing isn’t sales.  Especially for a consultant (something I did for 20 years), marketing is something that can keep putting your name out there even while you’re busy with another client. Once the gig with one client is complete, the marketing you’ve had in place makes landing the next client that much easier.

Mark offers a FREE report at his website on How To Create A Steady Stream Of New Clients. Quickly. Easily. With No Cold Calling or Hard Selling.  Check it out!

His website is chock full of other great information. You might also check out his book, Unique Sales Stories: How To Get More Referrals, Differentiate Yourself From The Competition & Close More Sales Through The Power Of Stories.

Happy 2011!
Live long and prosper
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