The Power of Negative Thinking

Yes, you read it right!  I just read this incredible book:  Illuminate – Harnessing the Positive Power of Negative Thinking.  It was a quick read, parable style, and very (ahem) illuminating!  The brief formula is…

  1. Face it
  2. Follow it
  3. Fix it

…. but to tell you that doesn’t do justice to the formula.  There are some details, some clarification behind each step.  For example, “Face it” talks about acknowledging there is a problem: You can’t fix a problem until you acknowledge that it exists.  The real treasure in the book, for me, was the part about  “Follow it.”

The tag line, by the way, was “Boost profits, productivity, and morale.”  This book is good for business, AND good for your personal life.


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