Think Yourself to Success

When was the last time you read The Magic of Thinking Big?  It has so many great reminders, including the importance of taking time alone “with nothing but your own thinking apparatus.”  It’s so easy to get caught up in the “doing” of our business that we neglect the soul of our business – much like the parent making a living to provide for her family, only to find out what they really need is more of her time.  Likewise, your business needs that one-on-one nourishment – thinking time – that only you can provide.

“Leaders use solitude to put the pieces of a problem together, to work out solutions, to plan, and… do their superthinking.” ~ David Schwartz

Here’s to spending more time ON your business, instead of in it!  Test it for yourself.  (I’ll be doing the same.) Set aside 30-60 minutes each day for two weeks to just think …and let me know what happens!  I’d like to hear from you.

Shauna, Your Biz Lady

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